Company Profile


Ess Aar Universal Pvt. Limited specializes in manufacturing of complete range of LT Electrical Panels and Bus Ducts. Well equipped with sheet metal fabrication facilities and NINE TANK PROCESS for pretreatment, the unit is situated in Panki Industrial Area, Kanpur(UP). The Electrical Panels so manufactured by ESS AAR find applications in almost every type of industry. The unit had been set up with the genuine intentions of supplying quality Panels at affordable prices within the required delivery schedule. There are those big giants who can give quality but then the prices are unaffordable and deliveries too long to wait for. Then there are those small fabricators who offer competitive prices but without any commitment to quality and delivery. At ESS AAR, the philosophy is to supply quality products at affordable prices within delivery requirements of customers.


ESS AAR is a company which does not shy away from innovation and are incessantly working towards continual improvement and development of products and people. Given the expertise in manufacturing of Electrical Panels, company plans to produce a still wider range of Electrical Panels for application in various type of industries.